regenerative healingDr. Potter uses industry-leading products when working with eye wounds, chemical burns or the prevention and healing of a wide range of eye surface diseases and disorders.PROKERA® bio tissue and BioDOptix are two of the products he employes. Whether Dr. Potter is managing eye disease, treating eye trauma, or performing post-operative care, healing of the surface of the eye is of paramount concern because it directly affects comfort, appearance and most importantly vision of his patients.

When use is indicated, Dr. Potter places either the BioDOptix Allograft or the PROKERA® lens on the eye, like a contact lens, and remains in place for the course of treatment and then is removed by Dr. Potter.

Amniotic membrane tissue* has natural therapeutic actions that help damaged eye surfaces heal. Eyes treated with this tissue experience quicker healing, less scarring and less inflammation, delivering better clinical outcomes than some eye wounds not treated in this manner.

*The placentas used to prepare PROKERA® and BioDOPtix are donated by consenting mothers after cesarean section (C-Section) births. Mothers who donate are fully informed, have healthy lifestyles and are tested against infectious diseases prior to donation. The amniotic membrane tissue is provided by a tissue bank regulated by the FDA.

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