HDVision System

Potter Eye Care now features the “HDVision System

Included with your vision exam, a digital eye exam using the all-new Marco TRS-5100 and OPD-Scan III, the latest in eye care technology.


This new technology creates a precise map of your eyes enabling Dr. Potter to see five times more optical details,

ensuring you’ll be able to see your very best!


Eyewear and Contact Lenses – More Precise Prescriptions

•              No more guessing which is best – 1 or 2?  The HDVision System does most of the work for you as it begins by automatically selecting the correct prescription starting point, which means you won’t be asked as many questions or need to make so many decisions during the exam.


•              Using the HDVision System, powered by the Marco TRS-5100, Dr. Potter will provide a prescription that is extremely precise and can be personalized for lifestyle and different lighting conditions, for patients who wear glasses and contact lenses, in less time than a traditional exam.


The Health of Your Eyes & Unique Visual Needs

•              Sometimes vision is blurry for reasons that cannot be corrected with traditional glasses or contacts; things other than “nearsightedness” or “farsightedness.”  Difficulties driving at night due to experiencing glare, seeing halos, blurry vision and double vision are all higher-order aberrations, and can be identified during the exam using the new HDVision System.


•              Dr. Potter will examine the results of your exam and will show you the results obtained by the HDVision System so that you will understand your own unique visual needs.


•              Dr. Potter is extremely concerned about the health of your eyes, far beyond what your prescription is right now. The HDVision System, using the Marco TRS-5100 and OPD-Scan III makes it easier to spot conditions like diabetes, glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataracts, even high cholesterol and blood pressure, earlier, giving Dr. Potter a head-start in treatment to preserve your sight.


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to schedule your exam with the HDVision System! 


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