Despite requests that patients bring their current glasses to their office visit, many show up without them.  Sometimes it’s an oversight, sometimes it is unavoidablesuch as "I lost them”, but frequently it’s intentional. There can be a perception that if patients don’t like their current glasses or feel like they are not working well for them they are better off starting from scratch. “Why would I want Dr. Potter to utilize a pair of glasses I’m not happy with as a basis or starting point for my next pair of glasses?”

But bringing your glasses to an appointment is important.

There are two main reasons for Dr. Potter to know what your last pair of glasses were, especially if they were purchased outside Potter Eye Care.

The first is to see what type of glasses they are and how you see out of them. Are they just distance? Just reading? A bifocal? A trifocal? A progressive?

Even if you feel they aren’t working for you it is important for Dr. Potter to know the type of lens you had previously and it is also important to know how you see out of them and what the previous prescription was. This can help to determine how new prescription compares to how you see out of the old one.

The second reason Dr. Potter likes to know what was in your last pair of glasses is that the majority of people who wear eyeglasses have some degree of astigmatism in their eyeglass prescription.

A significant change in either the amount or axis of the astigmatism correction from one pair of glasses to the next is often not tolerated well, especially in adults. If you make too big of a change from the previous prescription many people experience a pulling sensation in their eyes when they wear the new glasses. It can cause symptoms of eye strain, headaches and can often make flat objects like a table look like they are slanted.

Many of the problems that occur when giving someone a new eyeglass prescription without the benefit of knowing what the last pair of glasses were could be avoided if Dr. Potter knew the last prescription and how you see out of them.

And those are the reason we ask that you bring your current glasses with you when you come to see Dr. Potter for your vision exam!


Article contributed by Dr. Brian Wnorowski, M.D.

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